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Singing In Your Head

by The Laissez Fairs

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Aristocratic Lady You should be my baby We could have a real good time Sluming in the pubs and gambling in the clubs We might win the morning sun Your stupid friends will have a fit When we show up so out of it Jealous eyes reveal the hate Because for them it's just too late Real goood time in 1969 I've been kicked around While you've been losing ground Let's pack it on up and fly away To the south of France She's wearing velvet pants with a bottle of pills from ol' Doctor Rob Your mother won't know what to say As you strut in her door today Father smiles, pretends to care You know full well there's nothing there Real good time in 1969 I've been thinking Am I dreaming or Am I losing my mind Real good time in 1969 Real good time
Kathleen caffeine ecstasy and Benzedrine Kathleen caffeine do you wanna go Kathleen caffeine licorice amphetamine Kathleen caffeine never says no Yes She never says no She’s dancing manically in the breeze and near the trees A plastic majesty The queen of social scenes All wound up like honey bees buzz buzz as she pleases She’s a monopoly now count down from three to one Kathleen caffeine ecstasy and Benzedrine Kathleen caffeine wherever do you go Kathleen caffeine gasoline catastrophe Kathleen caffeine never says no Yes She never says no In her glass then down the hatches holding fast until she crashes Is that her cashing out now No dice to her fashions Bouncing back up with a flashing overflow of toxic algae She’s her own pharmacy open here in every season Kathleen caffeine ecstasy and Benzedrine Kathleen caffeine always on the go Kathleen caffeine cigarettes and limousines Kathleen caffeine never says no Yes She never says no She told me so She never says no
Oooo the pictures Pictures upon the wall Oooo their faces Look at those faces The faces say it all Fortunes bought and sold New lies growing old That's where we live and die On the wall You've lost all reason It's the curse of this season Even her voice ain't pleasin' As it's singing in your head Broken windows In burned out buildings But still they hang Those pictures upon the wall You stand alone So all alone In a frozen time zone You ain't ever, never going home
She’s a wildforce flying forth My love gives no regard to walls around her mind For her they’re like a tomb Devoid of space and time She’s a wildforce flying forth Ahh, ah, ah, ah, ah Her path made clear today Whatever will she find Beyond a hidden place Unfolding on for miles None may follow that same road Earthbound hallowed souls foretold She’s a wildforce flying forth Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah When she has gone I know I’ll see it in those eyes Returning when she’s done My love forever wild
In those fields called yesterday Those gentle days when we once played Some friends were lost But others saved And I remember you Flashing smiles on a summer's day Gone so long, I couldn't say I'm lost in the fields of yesterday In my dreams I still see your face You run so strong but away from me And then you fade and I'm left behind What more can you ask of me I'm tortured by what should have been Perhaps one day we'll run again As ghosts in the fields of yesterday Long buried in the fields of yesterday
Pretty Penny has it all Pretty Penny has a face that no one can forget And Pretty Penny lives a life of sad and fond regret And you know that isn't right And you'll dream of her tonight, that's right Pretty Penny keeps her thoughts inside her cayon mind And Pretty Penny waits for you to see if you will find What's hiding in plain sight In the golden morning light, that's right Pretty Penny has it all Pretty Penny sings a song about a better life And Pretty Penny wants to be your darling lovely wife And you know she's waiting there And you know she's always cared for you, so true Pretty Penny has it all (Additional lyrics of reprise on at end of "Laughing Boy") Pretty Penny has a place that she can call her own But Pretty Penny just can't face this dark world all alone
Everything now is never enough You got just what you wanted and it didn’t add up Something else out there waits for your love That’s why everything now is never enough It’s never enough Yeah it’s never enough Oh yeah you’ve finally made the scene Oh no it’s fading to a dream Whoah It’s running from you very very fast You better speed up for it don’t be last That’s the way to happy don’t be sad Wondering what you just had Everything now is never enough You got just what you wanted and it didn’t add up Something else out there waits for your love That’s why everything now is never enough It’s never enough Yeah it’s never enough Oh yeah the good times start to roll Oh no right into an empty hole Whoah Falling from you very very fast Reliving moments baby that have passed Crazy train to happy feeling bad Nothing left for you to understand Everything now is never enough You got just what you wanted and it didn’t add up Something else out there waits for your love That’s why everything now is never enough Everything now is never enough You got just what you wanted and it didn’t add up
Flying down the black desert road Escaping from the past Looking in the mirror At the orange coloured blast The safety of this steel machine Is given from above We're fleeing the great disaster To a place that offers love Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Faster, faster driving this GTO Flashing, flashing neon lights aglow Driving, driving rubber barely on the road I think I see the lights ahead Fourteen headless soldiers Carrying their heavy load The dreams of all God's children Scattered across the road A sailing ship stuck in the sands of time Desserted and left for lost Keep those eyes on the highway, baby And your hands upon your heart Let's ride, let's ride, let's ride, let's ride Let my conscience be your guide Let's pray, Let's pray I think we're gonna make it
Goodbye to Samantha She wore a sapphire She was a dancer She stole my heart and she took my gun She left with him Now they're on the run What we had it wasn't bad Now it's dust You know I must Be comin' for you no matter what you do Face on a poster Now it's you Hello, Samantha You are a liar The stakes got higher I shot him dead cuz he looked at me You can go Now you're free I took my leave and headed west Samantha stayed It's for the best She's workin' hard in a gray saloon Whiskey and beer In the afternoon
Get yourself together, baby, right on time Here it comes tomorrow you'll be in your prime Just one more little mountain you may have to climb Cuz you know that it's true There's one thing we gotta do Write down all your problems build a better plan Take that first big step, girl, I just know you can You've made the right decision, baby, I'm your man Cuz you know what's true comes to so few Love you love me Love you love me Love you love me That's just the way it's gotta be Even the bad times have been good Believe in ourselves just like we should We're lost in this desert all alone It's time to go home Get yourself together Ger yourself together Get yourself together
Laughing Boy 05:36
Flying around in circles Looking for a place to land Tired, you need a place to rest It happened all so quickly Big mistakes along the way There's no coming back this time You had to be someone's laughing boy Yes, you did, like a little kid You tried to sing them a happy song But it all went wrong So you waved so long We got to keep your legend You just had a broken life So unfair for you to bear You had to be England's laughing boy Yes, you did, we love you, Syd You tried to scream one more final scream Then you ran away No more time for play


"We’re not done with astronauts, apparently. We can’t help but notice an extraordinarily gorgeous one on the cover of THE LAISSEZ FAIRS’ latest album. She has her helmet on, yet there’s something decidedly old-world about her. An aura of imperishable ’60s nostalgia that fitly mirrors the music that former Steppes frontman John Fallon and co. make together..."- Shindig! Magazine

"The Laissez Fairs from Las Vegas return to WoNoBlog with a 60s infused psychedelic rocker with a great pop melody. This could have been an obscure song by The Move that The Laissez Fairs have unearthed from a forgotten b-side or outtake. The song kicks off with the chorus. An intro as a statement and kick in the you know where at the same time. Pretty Penny is in your face, ears and mind before you are aware of it. Add all the psychedelic 1960s tricks in the book and you have a song that mesmerises and pleases all at the same time. This is a great pop song that should be teleported back in time and would have scored a huge hit in 1967. Alas, it is 2023 but I'm rooting here. Go and listen because "Pretty Penny has it all"." - WoNo Blog

"Rum Bar’s Laissez Fairs has a single out preceding an album (Singing in Your Head) that will come out on January 20, “Pretty Penny” sounds like an English psychedelic recording from 1967. It’s thick with overdubs, heavy on echo and swirls around like a drug induced high." - Paul Blowfish

“Time and Space…well, perhaps a timeout for a space out. The Laissez Fairs deliver this trip in a most pretty package of multi-coloured ear candy. Complexity. Dexterity. Sincerity. Turn up your mind field, relax, and drive downtown…in St. Christopher’s GTO. Drink in this lovely, bubbly dissolver. It starts with a real good time dancing with a caffeine girl upon a wall in the distant fields of yesterday…but it’s never enough! So you try to escape in that GTO…but we must first say our goodbyes to Samantha and England’s forever Laughing Boy. Bless them…and bless The Laissez Fairs. They’ll be singing in your head and you will not be lonely.”

In regards to “Singing In Your Head” by THE LAISSEZ FAIRS…
Dr. Robert prescribes the following…
“Take two listenings and call me in the morning. Repeat. Repeat again. Your cure for the 21st century blues.”

Damn…what an album…


released January 20, 2023

The Laissez Fairs:
John Fallon: Vocals, Lead Guitar (6 and 12 string), Bass (2, 9, 10)
Joe Lawless: Vocals, 6 and 12 string Guitars, Organ, Piano
Cromm Fallon: Bass
James Bailey: Drums

Zach Ryan: Guitar Solos (2, 5), Pedal Steel Stylings (3)
Dale Gilbert: Backing Vocals (3), Percussion (2, 7)
Scott Sutherland: Vocals (4), Luke Metz: Bass (7)

Produced by John Fallon And Joe Lawless
1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 11 written by John Fallon
2, 4, 7 written by Joe Lawless
9 written by John Fallon-Joe Lawless

All songs ©2023 Podgeman Melodies, BMI
Administered by Wixen Music Publishing, Inc.


all rights reserved



The Laissez Fairs Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas Maximum Mod Psych since 2014! John Fallon and Joe Lawless craft the songs with a cracking network of musicians that have included Cromm Fallon, Aaron Archer, and James Bailey... among others...

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